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40 Barangays of Luna, La Union

The following are the 40 Barangays of Luna, La Union

Alcala Ayaoan Barangobong
Barrientos Bungro Buselbusel
Cabalitocan Cantoria No. 1 Cantoria No. 2
Cantoria No. 3 Cantoria No. 4 Carisquis
Darigayos Magallanes Magsiping
Mamay Nagrebcan Nalvo Norte
Nalvo Sur Napaset Oaqui No. 1
Oaqui No. 2 Oaqui No. 3 Oaqui No. 4
Pila Pitpitac Rimos No. 1
Rimos No. 2 Rimos No. 3 Rimos No. 4
Rimos No. 5 Rissing Salcedo
Santo Domingo Norte Santo Domingo Sur Sucoc Norte
Sucoc Sur Suyo Tallaoen

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